Vin Grabill Vin Grabill
video artist

Barcelona Mosaics


"Barcelona Mosaics" represents an attempt to arrive at a series of rules that guided both the image gathering as well as the editing strategies I employed. I start by using all the raw, ambient audio that originally accompanied the video footage shot in the field – in this case, the existing sound from various locations I visited in Barcelona in 2008. In addition, for this work I decided to compose each and every camera shot to include a diagonal edge running between opposite corners of the frame. This strategy of reduction allowed me to interpret every scene in a consistent, though minimal manner. Certainly the result is not one that adequately provides a “representation” of any given location. Instead, I was more interested in arriving at some visual rules that would allow me to simplify and codify each shot made with the camera down to an elemental gesture. While the identity of the original sound and image characteristics of the various locations in which I shot is mostly disguised, my goal in this video was to create a series of “sound mosaics” that would represent the vibrancy of both the visual and aural landscapes of Barcelona.

©2012 Vin Grabill